how is it

6 august 2009
 I know, Zhu Ziqing, Wen Yiduo are patriots who the morals. But I think tossing about, how is it
Think by uncle the colts Zhang too that piece patriot of moral . I understand: Why look like "  The Democratic Revorutionary Party " Li
Move the personages of the weapons with Communist Party , is thought to behave in 57 stormy waves well; And " China Democratic League "  Li
Professor such as Pan Guangdan conveying knowledge; " peasants and workers "  Doctor such as Li ZongEn that li cured the sickness to save the patient; And
This piece with whom gold house property buy, protect with family background interesting purpose under donate give country at the moment
Uncle Zhang’s colt, become rightists? In fact, understanding, it is the understanding of father too of me.

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