It is not the urban resident

21 august 2009
    Xing Shen spend from west arid area, she reach half a year such as city just, earn he money that parents can not earn all one’s life. Ge does not build and ask her: "How much is it? " Shen Xing spends saying proudly: "6,000. " Expect she charges cheap, should go through dozens of men for this 6,000, Ge does not build asking curiously: "What kind of people you have given for the first time in this town. " It is still proud that Shen Xing spends: "It is not the urban resident, it is my classmate of primary school Li the Long March. "    
    Long march and Shen flower of apricot innocent childhood friend Li, one come the primary school grade 4, drop out of school in pairs, long to reach 19 year old as them, yellow slight slope behind the village dig a hole, have tried the youth. Ge does not build asking: "Others’ woolen cloth of long march? " Shen XingHua: "Who in where does it know, he is too stupid, except doing one’s very best, nothing can. Perhaps is killed in every construction site. "    
    Shen Xing asks flower: "Eldest brother, say something about you? " Ge does not build: "I not so good as you are nearly 30 to just know what the matter is. " Shen XingHua: "Hey, we that lack water, person wild, have a early one good early, have a late one kind late. Eldest brother, that is to say, do you have an elder sister? " Ge does not build: "Yes, not you are good. She has relatively high level, she and I talk about less than a lumps. " Shen XingHua: "Eldest brother, you should talk about less than a lumps to the elder sister later. Please look for me, I give you 50% discount. "    
    –The above it is Ge that build, with Shen flower of apricot chat handle affairs, think emotion of promoting each other. For a moment, Brazilian old man knocks at the door, ask two people whether two people should re- rent for one afternoon one-eyedly and sparklingly, Ge does not build asking Shen Xing spends: "Will you stay a moment again? " Shen Xing replies flower: "Will you stay a moment again? " Ge does not build: "Otherwise don’t stay, you are very busy. " Xing Shen flower nod, say to the Brazil old man: "Have left. "    
    Appear underground hostel , XingHua Shen want, give Ge build, buy mutton bunch, Ge has not built and refuse. At the time of departure, red that Shen Xing spends the orbit, say: "Eldest brother, I always stroll in this slice, you will miss me, will not be standing moving in where it is, always can run into me in two hours. "    
    Ge build, wave, leave, take a step, feel more light, feel, bleb of buttocks disappear discover. "I am not allergic to her! " The thought resound through Ge build brain, go back body look, street Shen XingHua no yet while being thunderous.    

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